This is a pamphlet design for advertisement designed in CorelDraw. In this article I am going to gift you the CDR file but before that I need your support. Please support me on YouTube and Subscribe me there. I usually keep posting great contents related to design and mainly focussed on those designs that needs to be printed.

What… is your requirement?

Is your requirement related to readymade designs! Ok, I always keep posting great contents in this website. This post is about CDR file of a pamphlet but many of us call it as Poster design. Main thing is these are used for advertisement. If your requirement is to advertise something then this is a good option to print some pamphlet and distribute it in your locality.

  • Download the design!
  • Open in CorelDraw!
  • Edit the design!
  • Print and Advertise!

Are you doing a Printing Business?

Most of our friends here are doing Printing Business. So, when we talk about Printing work, It is a huge sector. Most of them are focussed in wedding card printing business. And the customers requirement are diversified but you will have to offer maximum possible service. Advertisement is a crucial action for any type of business. Advertisements boost the sale. To advertise any business locally we need to have printed Pamphlet and Posters. Here I am giving you the CDR file. This is a CDR file of a Pamphlet design for advertisement.

Password or No, password…?

Some of the free files contains password for extracting and those passwords are distributed in Videos. This file is not locked and contains no password. This file is the sole property of DesignerDen. You are free to use it but never forget to give a credit or attribution.

Where is the Download Option

At the end of this article you will find a download button. Just click on the button to download the file. One this more please subscribe us on YouTube.



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