India font is one of the most popular stylish Hindi font among design industry. This font is very useful to create interactive design, social media posters and more. The stylish heading is no more difficult as we have AMS Hindi font. I have created a Keyboard layout for AMS font typing. Follow below button to download.


As hindi typing in different fonts follows different keys. So, to make it easy we did some effort and created a India Font keyboard layout for hindi typing. Each key has two letters one with shif key and other without using shift key. This will become handy if you print the AMS typing keyboard and keep near your typing desk.

You can follow below video to have detailed knowledge about AMS Hindi typing.

How to type AMS font with CorelDraw

In this video I have used CorelDraw and India font software for typing stylish hindi font. I would recommend you to watch this video and have a good idea about AMS typing.

This video is like demonstration of hindi typing. I have alredy creted an another video about Raj font or Bhartiya font, KrutiDev font hindi typing. Here is the link of that video.


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